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fix missing dll path for os.add_dll_directory + print debug info

Boman Romain requested to merge boman into master

Some important dlls were missing in initDLL() (the function that tries to add the folders containing the shared libraries of the dependencies of all the python modules):

  • intel compiler runtime (required by MKL),
  • MUMPS.

I have added these 2 folders in the initDLL loop although I think it would be much easier to add all the folders from the PATH.

I have also printed some debug lines while looking for the folders in the PATH:

D:\dev\amfe-solvers> heat\tests\basics\
[initDLL] looking for tbb
[initDLL]       os.add_dll_directory("C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\tbb\latest\redist\intel64\vc_mt\")
[initDLL] looking for mkl
[initDLL]       os.add_dll_directory("C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\mkl\latest\redist\intel64")
[initDLL] looking for vtk
[initDLL]       os.add_dll_directory("C:\local\VTK\bin")
[initDLL] looking for mumps
[initDLL]       os.add_dll_directory("C:\local\MUMPS\bin")
[initDLL] looking for compiler
[initDLL]       os.add_dll_directory("C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\compiler\latest\windows\redist\intel64_win\compiler")
[findbins] looking for win/release libs
[findbins] loading  D:\dev\amfe-solvers\build\bin\Release\
* OMP environment:
* MKL environment:

I have added an underscore in the display of OMPvariables so that PROMPT or INTEL_COMPILER_* are not displayed anymore.

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