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Conversion dicoms using dcm2niix

Beliy Nikita requested to merge nb_dcm2niix into dev


  • Modules/base: The series Id and No can now be changed in plugins via attributes recording.series_id and recording.series_no
  • MRI/jsonNIFTY: All bids metafields are by default completed from the provided json
  • Modules/base: If BIDS metadata has the same name as a custom metadata, then the content of custom metadata is used
  • plugins/tools: A tool that uses dcm2niix to convert and merge dicoms after preparation


  • Modules/MRI/Nifti, Modules/PET/Nifti: the header dump is now created by default
  • MRI/DICOM: Using nibabel and mri_parser to parse Siemens-specific headers CSAHeaderInfo and CSASeriesInfo


  • Modules/MRI/Nifti, Modules/PET/Nifti: diminfo from header are now retrieved as integer instead of bytes
  • Modules/MRI/Nifti, Modules/PET/Nifti: header dump exported as dict, instead of string

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