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    perf(Rotor): improve airfoil interpolation · ad70fcba
    Thomas Lambert authored
    The airfoil interpolation process leads to a significant computational
    hoverhead when the CL and CD coefficients must be calculated for each
    section, as this process is O(N), N being the number of different
    The basic interpolation as defined previously was creating a specific
    Airfoil for each section, even when some contiguous sections shared the
    same profile. This commit tries to limit the total number of Airfoils
    generated by reusing the same object when it is possible.
    Currently this only works by trimming airfoils when two contiguous
    sections share the same profile. Ideally, we could also detect if the
    same profile appears in non-contiguous sections (i.e. a blade with
    sections (0012/0015/0012/0012) to reduce it even a bit more. However, as
    the gain here is expected to be very limited, this final optimization
    has not been implemented.
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