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In the context of their activities, GIGA and university members generate data and perform analysis. It's very important that these data and analysis results are stored and backed up properly. The university and the GIGA provide their members with storage solutions adapted to the size of the data. These solutions are described in the "Data Storage" section below.

The GIGA also provides its members with a solution for the analysis of large datasets, such as for example sequencing data. These analysis can be computer intensive and requires resources that a standard computer can not provide. In this case, GIGA members can use the GIGA High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, as described below.

The university also provides its member with an access to a Gitlab server for storing scripts. Gitlab is a very powerful tool to organise scripts and keep record of the different modifications that have been done to them overtime. More information about Gitlab can be found here and about git here.

Data Storage

High-Performance Computing Cluster



Link between old and new path on the mass storage